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Video game Trailers

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       Below are some game projects I have been involved in outside of a production role. While I was not an active producer on these projects, it was here that I got my first interaction with producers and fell in love with the art of managing great teams to make awesome games.

Above is a video player displaying the trailers for completed games I have worked on.


For Radiant I did pixel art pertaining to mob design, tile design, and objects within the game. This game was made during my time at the National High School Game Academy at CMU, and was later submitted to the 2016 National STEM Video Game  Challenge winning first place in the Open Platform team category.


In Reboot I worked on the background and platform design for the levels as well as the small mobs that run across some of the scenes. 


One Lonely Outpost

Recently I have been working on a side project known as One Lonely Outpost. The following images are concept UI I have been doing for the game. All of the UI concepts/Logo Design/Marketing fixtures are my work however some of the pixel art are the work of Joe Pendon and  Adam W. I will be presenting this game project with the rest of the team at GDC, and you can find updates on this project here.

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